Pillows, Graphic-Tees and more!

If you’ve landed here, then you probably know me and what I’m up to.  If, however, you’ve landed here by chance let me introduce myself.  During the Covid shut down I spent much time quilting, I also decided to launch this little E-Commerce site of mine PutThatOnAPillow.Com  

I have a lot of fun creating pillows (whether someone buys or not). People say some really funny things and once in a while they deserve a spot for all to appreciate. My partner “Charlie” used to say, “That should go on a pillow” and that is how I was inspired.

Below are some of the “rejects” not sure why Google and Facebook don’t these, but I think they are kind of funny and cute.

(I believe that all people are special!)

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Custom Pillows & T-Shirts…

I would love to chat with you about your idea for a graphic tee or pillows for your home and patio, we can create it together.  Send me an email, or you can use the form below!

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