The Pandemic of 2020 hit the world stage in January and progressively became worse. It seemed as though the entire world was almost at a stand still. Most people were doing their very best to keep themselves and others safe. We wore masks, stayed home, didn’t visit family and found things to do.

My partner and I have laughed many times at something someone said turned to each other to say “That should go on a pillow!” So I began my little shop, and began designing pillows with these funny, romantic or inspirational sayings on them. After a few months I decided to add T-shirts and coffee mugs to my product line.

So it’s been over a year and people are getting vaccinated – hanging out together and maybe we will value our time together more than ever. If you have an idea for a pillow, or a t-shirt, or a coffee mug send me an email – I would love to hear from you.

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