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OMG I’m Bleeding On My Project

Poked finger bleeding
OMG blood on my project

I’m nearly finished with my last project a beautiful gift for a couple that are getting married next month.  When all of a sudden I poke myself, Nooooo.

A spot of blood on my almost finished project.  Remain calm is the first step.  Then proceed as follows:

  1. Take some cold water and get only the spot of blood wet.
  2. Pour about a tablespoon of salt right onto the blood spot.
  3. Grab a toothbrush that you do not use on your teeth (I have one in my laundry room at all times) and brush with additional cold water for approximately one minute.
  4. The spot should be gone completely so you can continue with your project once you’ve stopped bleeding.

Happy quilting 🙂

Pre-cut fabric

PreCut Scraps

Every quilter I know has a bounty of left over pieces that are too large to get rid of, but also can be be very hard to organize. After each quilt I take the left over fabric and cut to different sizes like tiny squares, triangles, even larger squares. I …


Quilt As You Go

I’ve just finished my first “quilt as you go” and I must say that I am not a huge fan of the process.  It was quite easy to quilt each block and I was able to make sure that all the blocks were the same size.

I am not completely happy with the “no sash” effect because the back of the quilt still must be hand stitched.  This was time consuming and doesn’t have the smooth blanket look that I really love.

Quilt As You Go
These were blocks getting ready to be quilted

I may try the sashed approach, but I believe that the look I prefer is a one piece back with quilting through to the front.  It might be a struggle to move large quilts through my machine, but with patience I feel that the end result is something I’m much happier with.