Custom Quilts

Custom are made to your specifications, you can choose colors, fabrics, or  give a few specific requirements and I’ll do the rest.  Several discussions and emails will help me determine the best way to proceed.

T-shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilts

Do you have a bunch of t-shirts that you don’t wear, but want to keep because of the memories associated with the shirt.

Turn it into your favorite quilt.


Finishing Work

You’ve finished your patchwork and haven’t quilted the blanket together.  Email me today, I’d be happy to help you finish the quilting phase of your project.

Crosshatch quilting for a custom quilt

Quilting Options

Choose your own fabrics, choose a pattern that you’ve always wanted.   Creating a custom quilt for your room will be a grand adventure for both of us.

A Thoughtful Gift

Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special.  Quilts make terrific gift option for anyone.  Baby showers, wedding gifts, birthdays, even Christmas.

Gift box

Quilt Sizes & Pricing

Quilting prices vary depending upon the size and fabrics that are selected.  Usually I charge approximately 3 times the cost of supplies to complete a project.

Please visit my Etsy Shop  to see some of my completed projects that can be customized for you.

Next Steps…

Whatever your need, send me an email and we can get started.

Email Me today!